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Rogue Women Writers Blog

Added on October 04, 2016 | Posted in General | Comments 0

Hi all!  As many know, I've joined a blog comprised of eight espionage writers called ROGUE WOMEN WRITERS.  We're posting about writing, thrillers, mystery and espionage novels.  Stop on by!

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Words That Need To Be Said Along With “Follow Your Passion”

Added on December 03, 2013 | Posted in General | Comments 0

I’ve been reading articles and watching TED talks about the advice “Follow Your Passion.” For many the advice “follow your passion” has been either deified as excellent or vilified as dangerous. And whether it’s ultimately excellent or dangerous is usually determined by the financial outcome. You follow your passion to become a writer and you starve: bad advice. You follow your passion and sell as much as JK Rowling: excellent advice. See how that works? I do, too, but I…

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Added on March 05, 2013 | Posted in General | Comments 0

Before I start this list I'd like to thank all of you for taking DEAD ASLEEP  all the way to #1 on Kindle! I am honored and grateful for your support. In light of this week, I'm getting lots of emails from readers asking if the books need to be read in order. The answer is no. I wrote each one to "stand alone" on the assumption that a reader might discover one, but be unfamiliar with the others. The…

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Don’t Throw Water On The Fire

Added on January 18, 2012 | Posted in General | Comments 0

Those who know me or have read some of my earlier posts know that I am often annoyed by those who feel the need to explain to me or others why a life in the creative industry is not going to end well, either financially or emotionally. These people end up urging their children, my children, my friends, or random strangers who are contemplating such a life to take the safe route. These are the ones who say, “you’ll never…

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